{that was the prompt i drew today. but, so what?

i've been wanting to write an "I am from" post, since i saw the linkup last week, and today the words came flooding.}

i am from

i am from "no" and "we can't afford it" and "you can't always get what you wa-a-ant"

i am from cry it out and be good and talk to Jesus about it.

i am from swinging bridges over creeks and poison oak.

i am from treasure hunt clues on Easter and a hostess cupcake on first birthdays.

i am from animals who die and sisters who cry for them.

i am from having a peace about it, and isn't that the Lord?

from binding the enemy and the real church inside is made up of people.

from speaking in tongues when knees are scraped, and applesauce and 7up when you're sick.

i'm from private school and public school and private school and homeschool and private school.

I'm from "we're [not] moving"

i'm from gasping at swear words and needles and blood.

i'm from strawberry festivals and quilting circles, street hockey and baseball card collecting.

i am from the best chocolate chip cookies ever and newborn kittens that must be given away.

i am from lying on my belly in the grass to observe insects and drying on warm concrete after a swim.

i am from collecting snails and seedpods for a penny apiece and sheet-tents strung across the backyard.

i am from the smell of the food pantry and dollar-a-bag's at the thrift store and "i don't know - something with hamburger" for dinner.

i am definitely from spelling bees, and church choir.

i am from mixed messages and awkward conversations and tough love.

i am from scarcity.

i am from trust and obey.

i am from not thrashing.

AuthorJamie Bonilla