by all means, go deep. embrace all those true and vulnerable places.

see the ways that what was beautiful

became broken

scarred, limping

agree that what was done was wrong,

and forgive anyway,

because then you become

so free

and your love unstoppable.

by all means, dive down into the darkness

take your courage with you

because only then

can you defeat the old enemies

that lurk, waiting to bind you up again

in the fear

and the shame

and all the lies 

you have no business believing 

when the truth lives in you.

by all means, go deep,

but hear this:

don't forget to play.

because when you are a child

in all the most real senses

you are free and alive

and suddenly

people are joining you in your freedom

and discovering a God

who doesn't want their perfect performances

doing all the "should"s, all the right ways.

they, together with you,

explore, and discover

that this God

loves to play

right there with them.

because it means you're together

and engaged

and delighting in love and beauty and presence




AuthorJamie Bonilla