they come in whispers. secret messages you'd never hear unless you were listening, unless you'd quieted, open to divine breath meeting earth in you and your experience.

*a Tree of Life symbol on the wall when i arrive at the retreat center, mirroring the handmade necklace hanging against my chest.

*the mother-daughter Willow Tree carving i discover in my bedroom after sitting speechless with the tree-of-mother-of-life image for a while.

*the verse that comes to mind as i reflect on the trees of life - "and the birds of the air will nest in her branches" and i wonder: what if the kingdom is the church is the tree is the mother is the body of Christ? connecting what i never have, because i'm open to the unexpected invitations.

*tree-shaped branches, and dozens of fallen feathers on my walk two driveways down - trees and birds i'd bring home to remind me - yes, speak, i am listening.

every one an invitation to consider: who has mothered me? does God mother me? does the church? who am i mothering? how am i mothering? how can the church hold people with maternal care, an embodiment of God's nurturing love for us? how can i be part of that?

and it's the whisper of a beginning {again}.

i'm listening.

AuthorJamie Bonilla