you do not have to be good
but you are (oh you are)

body and spirit, you are beautiful and loved
you haven't moved too far the wrong way
you haven't gotten yourself lost
you have all you need, in this moment -

so go ahead and be you
take the time you need to care for that self
that was forgotten for decades, and you
had barely remembered and begun to allow to unfurl

 - to stretch its way out of atrophy -
before you put it back in those boxes of 'should'

because they said so

and you believed them.

allow the rewiring that says
"i am worth all the time and affection in the world.
i am lovely and i am for seeing."
don't let your glory-self be put back in the "right" boxes.

be. all. of. you.
when that looks like grief
or delight
or the dance of sensuality
or anger
or dreaming
or hope
or quiet

dare yourself not to give in to what is expected
dare not to believe you are self-less

or less-than 
- you are no black sheep.

hold that wonder-full self that is you
with all the tenderness 
you would a young fern curling against your palm
juicy and bright,


all of what you are.

*this blessing was written in response to a prompt from Tara Owens in her Kingdom of Ordinary Time eCourse.

**first line stolen from Mary Oliver's poem, Wild Geese

AuthorJamie Bonilla